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Dear Friends of Jano,

In the deep bowels of my spirit I think November went by entirely too fucking fast. It did. There is no reason for it to be 1 week before thanksgiving when this month just fraggin started.

As if.

At least the academic rape like sessions akin to my UNCG undergrad years of October are over.  Sadly so is Fairy Tail, I just finished it last night. Kinda sad…BUT apparently a new season is coming next year. YEET.

And Bleach is coming back. BIG FUCKING YEET.

Enough of my usual pre flashback tangent. Time for another Tale of Jano’s Bizarre Art Adventure *cue music.

This issue begins back in 1998 on Planet Namek.

Nigga what the fuck??

Don’t worry there are time leaps. Anyway as I was saying it was Spring 1998. Goku just landed on Namek, defeated Recoome, and Vegeta dropped the term for the first time in an English dub. The world waited for what seems like an eternity (especially when you are 14) for the next episode of DBZ when Goku fought Burter and Jeice of the Ginyu Force. In summer 1999, VHS tapes of the last part of the Freeza saga started to be released. And my geek ass def start buying them as soon as they dropped. $24.00 per fucking tape with 3-4 episodes.

Man those purchases aged badly when said out loud.

Fall 1999 came. I was a sophomore in high school and i was approached by someone walking to the bus I legit never knew in life. He asked if i was  ______, and i was like yea. He had heard I had the new season of DBZ tapes and i said yea.

Side note, life was so fucking simple then. Holy fucking fuck.

Anyway we formed a friendship founded in anime, and have still been friends since the tender age of 14.

AWWWWW tender moments.

Fast forward to Spring 2021.

He had hit me up one day as I was leaving the slave pit Jeff Bezos slave pit. He asked me could I do headshots of his girlfriend. I told him yea I actually have a light set which I have never used.

Wait what?

Yep, I got Christmas money for it in 2016 but I never had an opportunity to use it at all. I practiced on one of my friends kinda in 2017, but it wasn’t that deep.

We made a plans for the following Sunday, so that weekend i decided this may be a good time to practice since it is actually going to be used for an actual client.

Blessed be youtube. On Kami.

Sunday came, and i went to his place after I left the slave pit, changed and got my equipment.

Him and I chatted as I prepared everything. Practice makes perfect kids. Legit didn’t struggle as much this time settling up as the first time I did. I took test shots with my lights in various ways to minimize the harshness of the shadow being casted. Eventually his girlfriend came out and we started.

She was nervous at first. I told her to relax as best she can because it will show on her face and its not flattering.

It didn’t take long for her to relax and get comfortable. I encouraged to play some music and envision yourself as someone you admire. Sometimes I actually am inspirational when I’m not talking shit.

Spoiler Alert.

And that was it. The shoot lasted for an hour, despite that i took a plethora of photos as usual. When I was editing I realized I need to buy a damn tripod because there was no reason for some of those images to be blurry.

None, no such fuckin reason existed.

Hey Google, Play Joe Public live and learn.

As i said the issues that are drama free are the ones when its a client. The one’s where i am chasing an artistic vision my ancestors inserted in my head, MaAAAAAAN its like an anime arc or a final battle rpg fight.

Sephirtoth level shit…which I still need to beat.


The rest of the time i was there we all hung out, he showed me the Snyder cut of Justice league. Which …i just remembered I need to finish that. I meant to but, yea life said fuck your summer plans nigga. fuck your plans nigga. *Dave Chappele Rick James fuck your couch voice.

At any rate to see my LinkedIn level images i snapped click here.

Next month is another client so it isn’t complicated. Avril Lavinge would be proud.

Anyone catch that? no? ok fuck yall.

I’m going try to relax without passing out…if that is a thing.

Moral of story, friendships formed in anime lead to opportunities that help your dreams…or some shit.

This isn’t Naruto nigga.