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Dear Friends of Jano,

I think I reached the point in my bizarre adventure where I am going to start calling ya’ll Jano’s Acolytes or JanoLytes for short.

Yea,I think i like the sound of that…I think.Give me until the next issue and I will know for sure.

This is it, this is the last issue of 202 fucking 1. This year has been arduous for no real reason at all. Just so abusive, almost as abusive as Big Mom on One piece. On kami, she still terrifies me. That bitch was killing her own children because she was hungry, countries wrecked because she had a sweet tooth…NIIGGAAAAAA!! But I finished the Big Mom Arc and just finished JuJutsu Kaisen less than an hour ago. Definitly late to the party on that, but i liked it.

Side Note, I legit don’t want to see anymore animes with the 3 man team format like Naruto. *side eye.

All anime tangents aside I blame all the retrogrades for the this year, I do. That is my ninja way…well ninja witch way.

Despite the turbulence I somehow got my book in a store, created my online boutique (I got earrings now bitches), and finally got to the final level of my comic series. YAAAAAAASSS Final arc time.

*Geek masturbation time.

Nice to know came out of the fire and flames with new Stands forged.

Oh Jano, was that a Jojo reference?

Why yes, yes it was.

Legit hoping next year I will make more progress in terms of completion of my book, and reaching those level 2 products i wan to make.

Jano,Wait what?

Huh? Time for Adventure time come on tell a friend.

This story started back in 2013 on Tate Street near UNCG.

Really? Like really fucking really? You have to start at the beginning, way back, back in time.

Yes, actually no. This story started back in 2008 when I was poking random girls on Facebook for no real reason. No there was a reason, i was socially awkward and had time between class. I poked someone and her and I became friends. At some point I met another dude through her and him and I became friends.

Actually this dude is how the Luke Cage saga occurred. Damn its wild what friendship were born because I poked someone on Facebook. Simple Times. Simple fucking times.

See Janolytes this is why history is important, especially for the sake how these shoots occured. Context Motha Fucka’s, Context.

Back to this saga.

So aforementioned homeboy had a Bday party and her and I met. Fast Foward to December 2020, yep last year. She asked me how much I charge for photo shoots and i told her. She told me about an idea she had for a birthday shoot she wanted to do and of course i’m down, esp if I’m getting paid.

Y’all getting paid for a skill you have is a great thing. You can do things like eat, buy stuff to make your heart happy, or use it to fix your car….something that happened allot this year….so fucking much.

*Deep sigh.

We both decided that we will do it in 2021 because 1.I had a super slave amazon holiday schedule and 2. her schedule and she wanted to drop the Covid Lockdown 15. Which i fully get. I think i gained more than 15 last year, but I’m pretty sure i sweated it out in Jeff Bezos Slave pit.

Spoiler Alert, this is a pretty non dramatic issue. It may seem like its a Game of Thrones Saga, but nope. Not at all.

Spring came along and we started to plan possible dates. We decided on the last weekend of April. I had scouted the area where i could shoot her downtown. Initially she had said Raleigh or Greensboro, but in the end we chose here in Charlotte. Which was probably for the best considering at this point my car was acting so erratic.

Terrifyingly Erratic.

I found a location, emailed her a picture collage of the area I was going to shoot her and she was excited about the potential. The weekend came and she let me know when she left Greensboro. I started to get ready and eventually headed to the location. The most dramatic part of this arc was the parking situation. Her Gps sent her to a different location. At some point her and I found each other and we walked to the location, which wasn’t far. This was our first time seeing each other since…..Summer 2015.

Man being an adult sucks, you go years without seeing your friends because of Sponsibilites.  I feel your pain Angelica Pickles, I feel it.

Anyway, my home girl had a spectacular scarlet ensemble. YAAAAAAS. Spectators complimented her as we walked around.We  covered a good amount of the area in an hour. When it was all said and done I walked her to her car, and she drove me back to my car. We talked about possibly doing other shoots, art journeys, college experiences  and natural hair products.

And that’s all folks.

I told ya it was a pretty chill saga….well minus when I tried to upload the pictures to dropbox when i was done with the edits. Why was dropbox being a cunt? i don’t know.

Anyway to see the images from this literal Walk in a downtown park (or uptown park, whatever) click here.

With that being said this wraps up the issues for 2021 of Jano’s Bizarre Art Adventures. I still have a few more stories from this year, but they will have to wait until next year.

Because monthly tradition is important.

AYO, these essential oils are starting to take affect. I’ll see you Janolytes next year. Safe to say I have decided on  dubbing you all Janolytes. I feel like i need to make a shirt of that now. I do.

Ok i’m out now.