About me

Jano Ryusaru Album Cover                  Well now is it introduction time? If that is the case then…….

Me 5I am a photographer and an artist that resides in Charlotte, NC. I have been drawing since I was a little BLERD (Black Nerd). If you guessed that I liked anime, comics, cartoons and video games you are correct. You would also be correct if that is where a lot of my influences come from, in addition to various other things. I make no apologies for any of the things that are recorded on the paper in front of me. As for Photography, again also something I have been into since I was little. In both mediums I am always aiming to learn and improve my skills as I network and make a profit.



me 4
I make it my goal to help achieve the vision a client wants to achieve. Because of that I will ask a myriad of questions to research on the best way to achieve your goal. If I can not achieve what you desire that will be the only time I will admittedly concede. You will not write me off before I attempt  and get accustomed to a practice, if you do  well that is your lost. I will say I have a tendency to surprise people with what I capable of, moral of the story All things are possible through me.

Me 3_RevisedNow if you are still reading this chances are you want to know about me and if thats the case. I have a propensity for being random, possessing a sarcastic, odd and callous sense of humor, yet there for those that matter to me. I am a firm believer in social justice, equality, mental health wellness and doing what vibes with your soul while cleaving what is miasmic to your serenity. If you choose to follow me on any social media outlet chances are you will either be entertained, confused or offended, so proceed with caution. At times the things I say are worse than what I draw and I am ok with that. I think that is it.


me2Oh yeah, and I like my hair in its long curly glory.