Jano Avatar RevisedGreetings all who have traversed to this destination, whether by choice or circumstance. Welcome to Jano Ryusaru.com, As  you guessed it I am Jano Ryusaru, an artist residing in Charlotte, N.C. This is actually an upgrade for my former site which was about my art and photography. This site is still about that but in addition also includes links to all my social media accounts in the event you want to bond with  me through  other online antics by chance,  awwwww tender moments.

Although there is a portfolio page that will not be updated. Any new material will be presented in the relevant Blog Issue. If there is an Image in the blog (typically at the top), there will be a link to the new material.

At any rate I hope you enjoy my work and if you want to hire me please contact me so that we can discuss the arrangement.