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Punctured Pixels Font Cover with FontPunctured Pixels

A compilation of various images from my sketchbooks. Featuring images from Miasmic Emancipation, Velvet Sweaters, and Numinously Noir. In addition my first comic Moonlight Requiem (only segment that is black and white) and 5 bonus images. 69 pages

final-cover-issue-1_edited-1Azure Ascendance Issue 1

The Empress of the Country Azure decides to take a vacation with her family at the beach. But what was supposed to be a reprieve from royal duties turns into a battle royal at the beach by a random gaggle of individuals from across the country. Who are they? What is the meaning of this agitation?

Azure Ascendance Issue 2Final cover Issue 2

Watatsumi and other members of the Posei Kingdom recover in the hideout of their unknown masked assailant. As they wonder how they will save Princess Yosei, threats loom within the enemy camp that threaten her life. Will the Posei Kingdom be able to save her in time? Or will Yosei fall prey to more anguish than she has already experienced?

Azure Ascendance Issue 3

A battle royal begins. Coco, Boumei, Raiken, Coral and Kuchihige battle fiercely as Princess Yosei is still passed out from her recent ordeal. Meanwhile Watatsumi finds out the true identity of her masked savior. Truths are revealed as a battle rages on in another part of Azure while a new foe waits to ravage bodies indiscriminately.

Azure Ascendance Issue 4

Abyssal returns to the battlefield with a new source of power no one expected. An alliance forged from the desperate need for survival is formed among those who started off as enemies. The Empress and newly revealed masked ally race to the battlefield, but will they make it in time?

Azure Ascendance Issue 5

Watatsumi and Kagutsuchi arrive and time to stop Abyssals rampage. But now they must face the one who is responsible for this ordeal. Secrets will finally be revealed as emotions fly high on the battlefield.