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Dear Janolytes,

Well here we are in 2022. I won’t be foolish enough to say that this will be my year and neither should you. Let us just hope for the best and brace for the worse. As Spike Spiegel said

“Whatever happens, happens.”

But i’m hoping i don’t loose my shit like I did in the extra trying times of 2021.

Holy fucking fuck of fuckdom, and we lost Betty White. SHIT!!!

Kinda wanna watch Golden Girls now. I’ve seen a few episodes but not enough to say I was a fan. But it was enjoyable. At some point I’ll watch it, some point.

I just jumped down The Witcher 3 hole. I saw my homeboy play it back in 2016, that and Dragon Age Inquisition but i chose the Dragon Age Path. Whenever I finish my book, i’m going to play through all the Dragon Age games thus far. I’m somewhere in 1 right now. At this point I’m hoping I finish my series before Dragon Age 4 comes out.Legit looking forward to playing games with no guilt again. So many games….to beat…so many….

Anyway time for Adventure time C’mon tell a friend.

The chaotic spring of 2021, shortly after me having Covid and in the midst of my car randomly shutting off on me….yea.

My non profit boss, who helped me do the groundwork for my store, decided that she was going to create a new shop.


Crystals, Candles, and all those other witchy related things that make your soul go

YAAAAAAAAS….or maybe that just me. Is it just me? Can’t be. This is a safe witch zone.

Omg Jano are you a witch?

Spoiler Alert.

I’ve been interested since i was fledgling, but I didn’t have money for a witch life style until cotton field 10.

Blessed be. But also fuck that job.

Anyway I told her if she helped me buy a photo light wand, I would help her do her product photography. Surprisingly  she bought me a wand and here we are 7 months later. When I held the wand I felt like i was holding a light saber.

Use the Force Jano.

MAN It was so cool, so fucking kool. I yeeted as my meat leaked. I ordered myself another light saber because balance is a thing. When my Covid quarantine was over her and I agreed on the nearest Saturday. I packed my car with my newly acquired light sabers, light studio set, and all my witchy things.

“Ma I’ve been Hussling rocks” as Cam’ron said.

Ya know crystals, incense, sage cauldron, charcoal, and herbs. The basices.I drove to her house and we stopped by Dollar Tree to get a few other things.

And food, niggas need food to properly function in all aspects in life.

I like how my art interest and witchy interest intersected here. In this moment my life was a Venn diagram.

She had a piece of fabric that I used as a backdrop which helped with the mystic mood. I placed the products and props on the table and the light sabers on the adjacent side of the table. I shifted the colors to match the corresponding of each candle.As smoke flowed through each image as the water flows down a stream.


Ain’t that what the kids say?

I used my newly acquired tripod since  I didn’t want a repeat of the headshots from last issue. Literally the only thing that moved in these images were the smoke, that it. No such other movement existed.

It was a fun 1-2 hrs for me. Product photography is interesting, at least this was since I am interested in this subject matter.

And that was the end of that. My metaphysical image buzz ended unfortunately as my car shut off on me while on the way home.


Side note, I like how my photo journey in my car problems are synonymous for the early part of last year.  Not really tho.

Anyway to see the images from this mystic day click here. And if you want things to help you with your occult journey and want to support black owned business, yonder over here.

I’m going to do my hair now, because that is what you do when your love your curls.