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Dear Janolytes,

Ya’ll its cold. Like fucking cold. Winter in January and the various parts of February is so damn disrespectful for no real fucking reason.

On Kami.

UGH, i’m ready for the warm days of not frigid fuckery and not walking fast to find solace in shelter.

At any rate its Adventure time come on tell your friends. Spoiler Alert this is actually a pretty benign issue with no major anime level conflict.

Side Note, I just gave in and started watching Demon Slayer. 2 episodes in and I like it. To be fair i did see an episode in December of the tentacle rape train saga that made me say i will check it out. Tentacle rape is so delicious to my meats sense of joy.

Oops I shouldn’t have said that,eh as if.

We are now in May of the trying times of 2021, and at this point my car is grounded. In the sense of driving didn’t seem smart considering that at the time no one could accurately pinpoint what is wrong with it.


I legit had plans of doing hoodrat shit with my friends last summer, but instead I spent it with mass amount of Lyft drivers instead. UGh.

Ok i was wrong, there was a major anime level conflict, transportation.  Besides that its a pretty straight forward simplistic tale.  Spoiler Alert.

Following the events of last issue, my UNCG friend turned non profit boss asked me for my help. There was an Instagram account that spotlight Black Business owners and she wanted to use this as a chance to promote her business. Sure friend, sure. But you have to pick me up, because well see the paragraphs above. We picked a day and she came to pick me up. We went to Reedy Creek Park, her with her candles and me with my camera equipment.

And that is it.

Wait really?

Yea, this is honestly the most simplistic flashback I’ve had up here. I gave you the spoiler alert.

The only notable things that happened was I had to tell her to relax, because her discomfort was still showing on her face inadvertently. It was short lived and eventually she felt comfortable for the short amount of time I shot her. I saw a snake hole which was, a holy fuck moment, and yea that is about it.

Damn this is a short issue. Yay I guess.

The turnaround for the images were faster than usual, only because she needed to have the images messaged to the account by a certain time.

Wanna see?

Of course you do, so here ya go.

Also if you like supporting black business owners, candles and things that will help align your spirit check out her new business Karma and Krystals.

All proceeds will go to support the non profit http://Btbnow.org…..

…Which I am in now in charge of.

Wait Jano what???!!!

YEP as of this moment I now I run a non profit organization, this issue just got interesting didn’t it. But I’m loosing interest in typing so I will be ending this issue here, as i go do some lazy task today.

Happy Black History Month. Go forth in be black, blackity, black as fuck, BLACK, BLACK SO BLACK, JUST BLACK!!!.

And donate to a 501 c3 that is all for the above levels of blackness, which I am now in charge of. 

Until next time Janolytes.