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Dear Janolytes,

This week feels so very chaotic, and I’m not sure why. Wait, yes I do. Besides Office Depot fucking up my god damn order. Is there another printing service that can get my images done within a day, but in a correct manner? Please let me know, please let me know. Niggas fucking up when there are no planets in retrograde.

None, no such retrograde exists.

*Deep breathe

My ability to type and have stuff flow out is being damned up by some force that is rather bothersome at the moment. I think its the week, yeah we are blaming it on the week. Wait we are in Mercury Retrograde Shadow period, maybe that is what it is. FUCK IT!!

That is what we will blaming this blah on.

True to my word, I said I would be releasing issues at a faster rate. At least for now.

OMG Jano why?

Well I’m waiting for issues 6-13 to be proof read by one of my homegirls. And since she has real life grad school responsibilities and I am not a cunt, I have no plans to rush her.  But lets hope by the time i release issue 5 the other issues will be done and i can have a consistent release schedule.

Lets hope. Hell lets hope I can color the last 295 pages of my JRPG anime level epic.

I really just want to be a regular boy without a million things to do.

NO REALLY!!! OMG, i just wanna chill yo. I did a web diagram of my life and projects.


NIGGAAAASS!!! It is so much shit, so much shit on my plate.

Enough of that though…for now. Its time for the release of Level 4 of my series.

*Prepares to read script.

Abyssal returns to the battlefield with a new source of power no one expected. An alliance forged from the desperate need for survival is formed among those who started off as enemies. The Empress and newly revealed masked ally race to the battlefield, but will they make it in time.

Spoiler Alert, Souls will be crushed…nothing compared to what happens in Level 5

At any rate to check out vague preview of WTF happens go to my behance page as usual.

And head on to the publications page to order your copy of Level 4…and the other levels if you haven’t already.

And just like that this is issue over. Now to work on my task list like getting ready to show my work at the high school of my homegirls daughter for Black history month.

Yep, that is a thing I never thought i would say. Any of you ever watch Insecure? When Issa was speaking at school then somehow her broken pussy rap was discovered by tech savvy children?

Yea that may be me by the end of the week.I don’t have a broken pussy video  but my mouth is pretty rancid….HA. Legit hoping I piss off the PTA the same way Eminem pissed off parents in the early 2000s but that nigga flourished despite that. Lets hope  Janolytes.