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Dear Friends of Jano,

Holy fuck its fucking cold. I’ve never been so ashy in my entire life. Nigga have you ever been so cold that parts of your body are in pain. NIGGA. Thats where I am in my life right now, just colder than Chilly Willy Snowflake.

What did you think I was gonna start this off with Happy New Year? By the time I post this you prob have heard it more times than you care to. So why continue the cycle. I will tell you I am really enjoying listening to CD’s I ain’t heard in years. Right now its Toni Braxton’s Secrets and Changing Faces, All day and All Night albums. YAAAAAASSS.

Anyway it may be 2018 now but I am still stuck in the past as I continue my photographic  journey. This episode is actually the last photoshoot I did in August of the fuck boy year of 2016, but first a flashback. One day back in August 2015 though I was feeling social and decided to visit one of my homegirls. I asked if I could photograph her eldest daughter and she said yea, fast forward one year later and that brings us this episode.

Spoiler alert: She is the koolest 11 year old I know. Also side note the only 11 year old I know, I’m not out here making friends with children that will be weird as fuck.

Spoiler alert 2:  I hate kids. Real Shit I do. I bet you won’t expecting that shit. Well there are exceptions. I like my friends kids, thats it. So if you and I are friends and you have a child, I will like your child. Everyone else, Nah Bruh not at all.  The ironic part is that kids like me, why I have no fucking idea.

Anyway it took a while for this adventure to happen only because of conflicting schedules, but once it happened it was fun especially for my friends daughter. She is a member of the Girls Scouts and likes nature so she really enjoyed herself. She never modeled before in her 9 years of life (when this shoot occurred) but she really did a great job. I was such a proud uncle. *inserts joy here* I told her to tell all her friends at school she was model so they can get jealous, and they did. HA, take that children I care nothing about at all. Did I just throw shade at children, fuck yea I did.

Anyway to check out our adventure at Reedy Creek Park check them out here.

As far as the rest of my life goes, I hope that I can regain the motivation I had for my projects as I use to. It probably would help if the cotton field didn’t drain the fuck out of my soul. If this was an RPG I would use an item to regain my focus ability because right now that shit is trash on all fronts. I am currently plotting out photoshoots for the year and my sincere hope is that I deal with the fickle fuckery that I dealt with last year. I hope the souls of those who emitted that fickle fuckery die of soul AIDS, or real AIDS which ever comes first. I legit give no fucks

Spoiler alert, my mouth will probably be worse this year. This is your chance to get out now because there will be no other warning.

Anyway if you are interested in modeling for me send me an email with an image of yourself, and I’ll be in contact with you. Ummmmm I think thats it for right now, I think. If I keep going I will just start rambling how I want a new Dragon Age game to be released this year, Boruto to get interesting, The new season of The Magicians premiere this week, I need more episodes of Black Mirror,Deadpool 2 is gonna give me joy when it gets released, and I how I legit hate winter. OMFG can it be spring time already. It feels like that dragon that was possessed by the Night King in the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones is raping us all with his dead ice dragon breath. FUCK