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Dear Friends of Jano,

Yo Real Shit I wanna pass back out after just waking up a few hours ago, never mind I kinda I have to so I can be in the cotton field in a few hours. Right now the only thing keeping me awake is listening to Hannibal Buress as I type this.  Damn it Spotify stop fragging up on me. Why are you like this?

So anyway since it’s the holidays and there was a period between September and November when my posting schedule got fragged cuz of adjustment to slavery and ain’t shit nigga fuckery. I decided to do another issue this month.

Fuck, I’m so fucking tired. Fuck.

Anyway where am I in this journey, oh yeah August 2016. Like I said a few issues ago I had this grand idea of a photo series about those with artistic abilities. Ya know acting, writing, music, etc. Most people had dropped out but luckily one of my friends was still able to do it. One of my boys I met when I was picking cotton.

Yeah, you read that right, picking cotton. Where? Everyone’s favorite plantation, IKEA. That nazi slave camp, but real shit I met some kool people in the process of shucking and jiving. Spoiler Alert, there will always be a strong slave solidarity against snobbish ass white people.


My fellow freed slave is Producer and Beat Maker Justin Nelms, who makes candy for your ears. Nigga when I say your ear drums will cum slowly from hearing his sounds that is not an exaggeration. If you like Nujabes then you will def like his material. Probably because he was born into a family of music. Genetics can be a good thing at time especially when said source material is augmented by dedication to your craft.

The photo session was insanely chill especially since I didn’t end up in pain like I did in the Scarlet Tracks issue. Unfortunately it was cut short because he had a deadline to meet but we def shot some good material within the time span we were allowed.  Despite that it was a good shoot and fun to see one of my fellow slaves free and enjoying life.

Some of the photos from said adventure are here. As for my friend check out his website here, his sound is definitely worth the money. And as with everything please don’t waste anyones time if you decide to work with him. Professionalism is key *inserts flashbacks*, man fuck 2016.

Anyway this is probably going to be the last issue for this year. Sucks right, I am working on Act 2 as we speak, well not currently as we speak because obviously I am working on this issue but you get the point. I am doing coloring videos on my instagram snap chat thingy from time to time, feel free to check that out. You ever see someone color to a soundtrack, no? Ok there ya go. Talk to ya in 2018, here’s hoping I won’t be so damn tired next issue. Meanwhile I’m gonna try to see the new Star Wars, Thor, and Justice League movies. Yeah I’m behind.

Oh yea, Fuck IKEA like 2016.


Ok now I’m done.