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Inimicus promo


Dear Friends of Jano,

Damn its December of 2017 and I still haven’t found any fucks to give. Has anyone seen my fucks? No? Ok thats fine, but I did rediscover how much I love Gym Class Heroes. I need a new CD in my life like now.

This issue is way later than I planned, but real shit I haven’t felt like typing lately. I haven’t. *shrugs* Waking up before the sun and picking cotton at the new plantation I am shucking and jiving it takes it toll on me. Yes, I made several references to picking cotton. Welcome to the Jano Ryusaru show to those new in the audience.

Today we rewind to August 2016 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

But Jano why are we in Greensboro?

Because that is where I spent 8 years of my life, 7 of which at UNCG. Ahhh memories of random moment, friends and academic rape. So….much …….fucking…..fierce academic rape.

Huh sorry.

But a friend who I met while in college decided to follow his dreams and become a writer. His name T. J. Morris and had released his fourth book called Inimicus. Spoiler alert, he named one of his characters after me. Thats right, Jano. Go ahead and rub your plumbus in envy. Do you have a character named after you? Huh? What? Ok.

Unlike previous times I was able to attend his book release party since I wasn’t slaving away in a cotton field. The event took was chill as fuck. It took place I wish I knew existed when I lived in Greensboro. The serenity of the garden was sincerely sway and soul soothing. Plus it is always to see friends who you don’t get to see that much any more for a myriad of reasons and hear about their life progress in so many ways.

Spoiler alert: I miss the simple times of college, minus the academic rape.

Anyway check out some of the photos from the event here. And also check out his website here. You won’t be disappointed with his literary works.

In other news I can finally start coloring Act 2 of Azure Ascendance.

YAAAAAAAASSSSSSS, coloring coma time. No for real i’m excited. More excited than I was when I saw the Infinity War trailer. OMFG.

Now back to playing Sonic Mania. I promise you I am setting the record for suck in the Flying Battery Zone. This stage was not this fucking hard in Sonic and Knuckles.