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Dear Friends of Jano,

First and foremost, I feel amazingly less salty this time round since last issue. So sadly there is a slim chance an angry Jano Outburst today, well minus the part when I say fuck 2016. Second, Holy Fuck we are now in November, this is legit a thing. Hopefully next year I can actually afford a new Halloween costume and won’t have to recycle previous ones in a hybrid form. Vegeta here I come.Ok now that is out of the way lets do that flash back thing.
So the summer of 2016 continued (fucking cunt bag of AIDS) and my job search still continued to no avail, as I for the most part stayed a hermit. As did my journey to expand my portfolio, which at this point was kinda hard seeing that people who expressed interest just vanished. MAAAAN Listen the volunteer pool had dried up quicker than cum in a belly button. Spoiler alert, it was pretty fast.

Meanwhile my cosplaying homegirl came to visit one day and I had a random idea to shoot her in a straight jacket I had.

Um Jano why do you have a straight Jacket?

Real Shit, it’s for a photoshoot I want to do whenever I can afford to get my chest tattoo. Spoiler alert, I have a lot of financial dreams that need funding. *Insert segue to buy my books.

The initial plan was to use my fog machine and shoot her during the sunset, but my dumbass forgot to take batteries out of the smoke detectors. SOOOOO yea that kinda killed that idea to a degree. The room we shot in was cramped, so getting some of the shots I want was a struggle. Maybe one day I can afford to have a studio of sorts *insert another segue to buy my books.

Anyway that is actually all for now. Check it out here. I would write more but I am about to pass out from being in the cotton field today.