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Dear Friends of Jano,

Ugh right now I’m typing this from my antiquated computer, which needless to say is slow as a dead chickens reflexes. Why because some hood rat niglets decided to break into my place and still my way superior MacBook Pro, and a few other things. Its 2018 and I still want to stab a hoodrats like Negan bashes brains.


Now that is out of my system (kinda) we now return to our regularly scheduled programs of flashbacks. This photo shoot that I am about to tell you about this issue has some significance.


Because I got paid for it.

YES LAWD *said in Anderson Paak voice

Yep October 2016 was my first paid photo shoot since April of that accursed year. Fuck 2016. And spoiler alert, I was still unemployed so the money I got this gave me so modicum of joy. I could actually upgrade my meal to a large size at Chick Fil A and not feel guilty.

One of the few friends I actually care to keep up with from high school texted me asking would I take pictures of his niece. And since it was sadly hurricane weather the pictures had to be taken inside.

Spoiler Alert, I am horrible with children,I am. I legit don’t know how to interact with kids especially if I don’t know them. So in case you are going

Awww Jano these pictures are great, can you take photos of my child?

Know that I’ll have you help get your child to smile because that is exactly what happened here. I have no shame admitting that. Think about it, do you think a child feels comfortable with a stranger in their face pointing a camera in their face. Exactly.

With that being said the link to the images can be seen here.

Side note around this time I was brainstorming the story of my comic Azure Ascendance. …


Ok I’m good now.

..initially it was just going to be a bunch of random drawings, legit wasn’t expecting to create a whole world with characters with actual lives to be lived out in a saga format. Look at me being a God, HA.

With that being said due to technical difficulties caused by hoodrats, I can’t be in my planned coloring coma of Act 2 like I fucking want. So I am scripting Acts 3 and 4, might as well be productive in some way. Since hood niggas want to abolish peace in the lives of others. Hoodrats need to be stabbed with a fire blade eviscerating their insides.

No apologies.

At any rate, the next issues will be the last photo shoot of 2016. YAAAASSS. Then I can finally move on completely from the non pull out rape year known as 2016. However it resulted in the gestation of a dope ass art journey.

Now back to me rewatching Durarara and One Punch Man. And apparently I am going to Mad Monster Party too this w.end, fun.