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Dear Friends of Jano,

Well here we are the last photo shoot of 2016. The last time I meaningfully picked up my camera that year.

Wait what?

Yeah I’ll get to that in a moment.

Wait Jano, you are doing 2 issues this month?

Yeah well, I realized when I was in the cotton field today that March will have a few things I will debuting Sooooooooooooooo figured I’d do this one now.

Alright are we done with the questions? We are? Ok good.

Back to what I was initially saying, this was the last time I meaningfully I picked up my camera that year. Around this time I was STILL unemployed, Spoiler Alert I didn’t get a job at all that year. Through a litany of events which I don’t feel like typing, I started going to a bunch of networking events….which literally was a waste of my fucking time. OMG, all that social anxiety and awkwardness for no reason whatsoever. Anyway whenever I went I always brought my camera to photograph the event, cuz ya know habits. And at some point I legit thought about selling my camera and saying frag it all, yeah shit was pretty dark at that time.

Yea fun.

Anyway at some point one of my home girls I went to college together at UNCG with told me that her and her husband were expecting their first child together and was having a gender reveal party. And since this was important to her and she has fed me so many times since Oct 2007, no really she has fed me a lot. OMG Jano would have starved sometimes if it won’t for her.


I showed up and did what I do best, observe through a camera lens. At some point the gender of the baby was revealed and she had a……..yeah you’ll have to click here to find out. I will say that I am very happy for her and husband and the lives they are creating together.

Spoiler Alert, that is probably one of the nicest things you will ever hear me say.

Anyway as I said this was the last time I meaningfully picked up my camera in the cunty year of 2016. And with that I can let this year go finally, yaaaas closure.

Next issue, no actually all of next month will be flashback free. Do you remember how a few issues ago I said sometimes I was doing the Sonic Cd, past, present, past format. Right well we are gonna be in the present for all of next month. Then come April we will continue my photo journey into 2017, which won’t that bad…..wait….yea we will get to that in time.

In other news, last night I finally saw Thor: Ragnarok. Loki is still probably my favorite character followed by Thor’s mannerisms. But OMG Tessa Thompson in Valkyrie’s battle costume was amazing to me when she walked off the ship with the fireworks.

YES LAWD *said in Anderson Paak voice

But now that I have seen that I can journey to Wakanda Saturday and see the new Black Panther movie. Legit wasn’t going to see it until I saw Thor. I don’t give a damn if they individually don’t link for the sake of the whole cinematic Marvel Story I can’t skip movies. I don’t know shit about Black Panther but I feel like this KillMonger will be my new favorite villain.

Ok, I’m done now, I’m off to do art related things since I don’t have to wake up early as fuck to pick cotton tomorrow. And remember class always and forever, Fuck 2016.