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Dear Friends of Jano,

First off, let us talk about something. I legit have never feared for a group of Anime Protagonist the way I do for the Straw Hat pirates as the assassination attempt on Big Mom has failed MISERABLY.

Holy fucking fuck.

Not even Team Toguro had me this shook. The next 50 episodes will be interesting…as fuck.

Anyway. How goes it? Was your October as exhausting as mine?  When I was at UNCG I had periods in my semesters were it was just periods of Academic rape for at least a month.

On Kami October 2021 felt like an retro 2000 academic rape session.

OMG Jano, did you just say Academic Rape? You’re canceled.

Eh, ok. Spoiler Alert, I coined that phrase between 2002-2009. I just haven’t had a reason to say since graduating it in 2009….until now.

At any rate, if September was emotionally exhausting then October was just fucking taxing in the sense of having too much to fucking do. It has been the culmination of events I started back in March of this year.

Er before all the car dilemmas that plagued my spirit and my wallet.

Let me explain.

At some point in Jeff Bezo’s slave pit I thought maybe I should heed the psychics advice in December of starting my own business. It has something that has teetered in my head for random parts of the last decade, but i never fully pursued it. But when a psychic who is speaking with your ancestors tells you that you will be successful at something you have been too timid to do, you say fuck it and fuck it raw with  big black mega meat. BOOM BOOM.

I met with my non profit boss and thus the laying of a foundation began. We discussed products, vendors, and all that other businessy stuff. Transitioning my brain from coloring to mathematical shit is a transition, especially all your jobs have been basic slave nigga shit. A week later while at an art show, i drafted up some designs for keychains and pins. The goal was to keep it as simple as possible since i’m literally still working on a comic series. I had to figure out I was going to make said keychains and pins, yeet to the gawdz for youtube.


Shortly after I found out from a friend where I could get stickers made. And a friend who I made via my girlfriend helped me get some shirts. At this point I think we are in May when I wasn’t driving my car because the stalling and starting was taking its toll and was a safety issue.

Spoiler Alert, the creation of these products probably was as complicated as my mermaid and candy queen shoots. As the late great DMX Said “I wish it was a lie, but everything I said meant it.”

June came and I finally was able to get some of the supplies I need, but of course there were complications. Complications in the sense of ink cartridges  disappearing and reappearing (no really, like really fucking really), and buying the fucking wrong type of shrink paper. Fun. Things hit a halt until July when I had money to spare to buy the things I need. But didn’t really get going again til September a few weeks later after starting this new cottonfield after coming back from New York City.

*deep breath*

Ya’ll, I’m tired just from explaining all this.

I bought my stickers, had to do trial and error with the shrink paper, and various other supplies i needed. I finally got the tshirt press machine from a friend I use to pick cotton with, the goal was to get the machine in the spring but her and I were both having issues in our life. Even making the shirts were a problem.


I just heard a church organ play in my head. SMH.

But here i am with all my products ready finally. I told my non profit college friend boss that I wanted to have my store up and running either before the art show I had last week, or the QC city zine fest I will be this saturday. I didn’t have it up last week, but now it is finally up and running.

Oh, yea I had an art show last Saturday. I was going to make a whole other issue regarding it and the pieces I make for said shows, but since you are here now. I have a gallery for you to check out. Go ahead and take a look then come back when you are done.

Did you check it out? You did and you came back? Yeet.

Even though my store wasn’t ready, i did take some merchandise to be sold in the forms of prints and stickers.


It all happened so fast, literally. Within 20 mins of each other I made four sales. I was so floored.

Am I one step closer to becoming a pretty art idol like i want? EXTOL ME MEAT SACK HOES!!!

Excuse me my Vegeta level Narcissism was flaring up again. Pardon me humans.

But in short my store is finally up, and at the moment i don’t think I need to buy anything else…right now. Side note, I got my table banner for art shows. I looked at it and I feel like a One Piece pirate.

Def part of the Worst Generation.

Anyway. Without any more delays or awkward side rants I present to you

Jano’s Bizarre Boutique.

I plan on adding more items as time goes on, but right now this is my starting point. And as I have told you I still want to finish my comic series, so please be patient.  I’ll make announcements as usual if I had anything new. I’m still navigating through this business owner space. As I navigate remember to sign up for updates on my site.

Also if you reside in Charlotte, like zines, comics and other printed materials. Come to the Queen City Zine Fest to check out me selling copies of my comic series.

Real shit, if you were to tell me my awkward shy ass I would be doing shows, with colored hair, looking kooler than usual to promote my book to get an idol fanbase I wouldn’t have believed you.

But here we are.