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Dear Friends of Jano,

Yo I think Nigger heat season is officially over, never mind fall started like 2 weeks ago but whatever. Yay for global warming, not really the Earth is fucked.

Anyway as I type this, my homegirl is shooting a movie in my place. We will talk about that later.  What I will say about it right now is that someone’s feet is horrendous as fuck and I am so damn over it.

FUCK BRUH! White people don’t be taking care of their feet I promise you, shit be smelling like old corn chips, mildew and  expired grease.


Ok, thats enough for now


So this is peaceful issue, and by peaceful I don’t have the urge to cut anyone’s throat. At all.

Spoiler Alert.

So this story starts with a cotton field, the same cotton field that I am unfortunately about to be in for a whole year. Ugh.

Anyway through a series of events, ie our mutual friends who were smart enough to leave this cotton field, me and the model of this issue became close as time went on.

More so over this past summer.

Texting, post cotton field hang outs,  and things of that nature. She told me her last birthday was trash on a stick.  And since I do that thing called listening, I tried to figure out something to do for her bday that she might actually like.

At first the thought was an art museum, at first.

But at some point I met up with a friend I made at another cotton field. He was paying back for watching over his dog as well as me giving him back the keys to his place. We hang out for a while, since its been a while and we don’t share the same cotton field anymore.  Within that time frame he told me about this place called Portal, which is an interactive art gallery.

I googled it and it made a nigga YEET.

August 4th came, and we got ready for the day.  She got ready in the dress I got her, she told me not to look as she got ready. That was easy enough. When she came out, I was impressed.

Thoroughly  impressed.

So impressed that I actually decided that I thought we could walk around downtown and shoot some images of her.

I wasn’t playing about this being a simple issue, this is an actual easy flowing issue.

We parked in the same parking deck as when I shot Sunday Stroll, the walk is relatively short. The wind burst to her attire were troublesome but it was short lived.  Very short lived.

We arrived, if it wasn’t for the sign pointing to it we would have missed it completely. The space was small but effective. Despite what the website when I purchased the ticket there was no allotted time to be there. We could stay as long as we desired, which I’m grateful for because this place was an example of the word dope.

Dope as fuck.

There were at least 6-8 rooms. Within seeing the first two rooms and I asked one of the employees was it cool to go back to my car and get my camera. A few minutes later and it was business time.

Man that last part was corny, but this place was deemed to be worth of talking about on my website. At first glance it was going to be just a camera phone adventure.

Upgrade Motha Fuckaaaaaaa.

Despite the huge amount of selfies she has taken, she has never modeled before. It didn’t show at all.  None what so ever. She took directions wonderfully, and improvised parts she wanted to try as well.

I legit like when people who have never modeled before, do a wonderful job on their own. Makes things so much more easier for me. So much.

However, because of mistakes on my part there weren’t as many good shots as there could have been. I totally need to practice in between shoots. The events that happened in this issue occurred in August, and the issue prior was April, before that ummm August 2018.
Yea you get the point.

I asked her would she model for me again, and she said yea. The aspiration is there, maybe I could use her for one of the stones I’m looking for.


MAN I hope so because looking for a model for that project has irked the fuck out of my soul.  Ya’ll have no idea how much of an arduous journey that is going to be for me to type. FML with a god damn pig.

Anyway to see the images from her bday present from me. click  here.

In other random news because sharing is caring and this is good news on my side of life, I am going to be in my first art show, YEET.

Some fellow slaves I pick cotton with at the same place that allowed this issue to happen told me about it. It will be an art show inspired by anime. Fuck yeah nigga I’m in there like cum in a bellybutton.

But Jano, you mean they saw what you draw and allowed it.


For those who live in Charlotte, it will be October 25th 7pm-10pm at Camp North End.

Spoiler Alert, I am both pretty as fuck and Awkward as fuck.

Depending on how life goes I may talk about it next issue.


I may be in a RAW artist show on November 20th at the Filmore. That is still in the making, but I just accepted my invite.

My legit goal is to be like the music artist I’ve seen this year (Anderson Paak, Kilo Kish, Marsha Ambrosious , J. Cole, Kota the Friend, Banks,  and soon to be Sabrina Claudio and Incubus.) promote art, have people buy said art, get easier to get models, and somehow SOMEHOW get my comic series animated, streamed on popular tv services and reap the seeds of what I sowed. Oh yeah and at some point to open up my own non profit.

Speaking of my comic series, I just off an urge to add a few pages to an issue and redo the cover of the next issue. As far as the actual progress of said AfroFuturism comic series,


I legit need a new cotton field to shuck and jive in that doesn’t leave so fucking exhausted. A nigga just wants to color and follow his dreams. Thats all.

Anyway thats it for now, I legit have to get ready for said cotton field. 336 am comes early. If I don’t see you on October 25th,  I’ll see you next issue.