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Dear Friends, Of Jano,

Yea I think I am keeping that as an intro, makes me feel all creamy on the inside. Creamy is good.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t repeat the news of a previous issue but since

  1. I just recently made this page live, and I know there is a slim chance of people actually going back to read an old issue of mine. It’s ok to admit that you are lazy, I understand.
  2. What I am going to talk about this CURRENT issue relates to another the aforementioned issue I was talking about.

Ok now that is out of the way time for the brief recap. *DEEP BREATH* So at some point during the past year when I was unemployed AS FUCK, I decided to start my own my comic series. Ironically enough it was just going to be another random set of drawing, but ya know one thing led to another and BAM Jano Ryusaru presents Azure Ascendance.

But Jano what is it about?The story takes place in the country of Azure under the rule of the benevolent Empress Watatsumi. In Issue 1 we meet her as her and her daughter Princess Yosei are on a royal reprieve at the beach, along with their Royal Guards and Mage. What is supposed to be a holiday turns into a battle royal by a band of random individuals. Leaving questions of who are they and the purpose behind this attack. For a preview of issue click here to go to my Behance page.

Yo I literally copy and pasted that from a previous issue. Anyway as I said an issue or 2 ago that I recently finished all 5 issues of Act 1, and officially have started on Act 2 which is another 5 issues. Plus I just got the copyright for issue 1.Y’all need to understand this in the event that material gets stolen I will kill someone, rape the corpse, and set it on fire to get rid of the evidence.

Huh, sorry I went to a dark hypothetical place, which I probably barely touched the surface off. Spoiler alert.

With all that being said I am very excited to be working on this project and after some time passes I will release issue 2. But for now go order your copy of Azure Ascendance Level one here. Then do that sharing thing with your friends online, and nice domino effect will occur. If you can share mass amounts of meme’s and other things, you can share a creation by your favorite sarcastic asshole 🙂