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Rhapsody ReprieveDear Fans of Jano,

You Know what I think I like that intro, yea I think I’ll keep that on all my platforms. So Last blog I talked about how I was going to start posting the stuff I worked on in my absence. Well to start it off I thought I would start with my latest house party flyer in lieu of tonights events, minus the font and my address of course. ( I rather not be stalked by any one if I can help it). That’s right my 6th party and 1st one in 2 years, Rhapsodic Resurrection. Why that title? Because as I said there has been a lot of the no pull out rape within the last 2 yrs, especially 2016. Ugh Fuck you and everything you stand for 2016.

Huh, oh sorry.

But essentially I was a hermit for the bulk of the past 2 years, and yesterday was the 1st time I posted anything on any of my social media sites since April 26, 2016, longest time ever I went MIA. I should get a medal for not running my mouth that long. Side note all said channels are in my navigation bar in case you want to read my smart ass mouth. Facts. Essentially this is me un-hermitting (new word bonus) my self and trying to enjoy my life again, simple right. Hopefully it will be a fun time had by all and I will remember all night, well at least most of it.

Also side note, I just watched the new Power Rangers movie, I know I am so late. I have to say this is the first reboot of an old franchise that I am actually satisfied with, unlike the last new Ninja Turtle movies. (And that shit totally pissed me off)

Anyway back to the point of it all. To view Rhapsodic Resurrection full size, check out my behance page here. Meanwhile I need to rest before tonight starts and prepare my body for my alcoholic mixtures of Jano Juice and Ryusaru and Ryusaru Rhapsody.

Jano Are you gonna blog about your party?

Ha, probably not but I prob will post pictures and statuses on twitter, Facebook, instagram and what not haha.