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Yo like I legit don’t know how to start off a blog. Well I do but saying Hey, or Yo is too fucking common for me. I should start posting more, why haven’t you I ask. Well about that, spoiler alert it is in the title.

Where do I start? Fuck it lets start from the beginning. First off in case anyone is wondering, I actually have been working on material for this website which I will start posting soon in intervals. There just have just been some snags. Snags like what? Well people actually following through of modeling for me.  I have been trying to do portfolio builders over the past year since I have mostly done events and programs, which got pretty boring to me. So I have been trying to get some experience with actually working with models for shoots. Problem is people say yes then things happen in their lives and BAM you have lost a model, and if you are lucky they are nice enough to let you know so they won’t keep you wondering. Most of the time though, probably not.

As far as my actual art, I’ve mainly been working on my new comic series Azure Ascendance. For the first few months I was going full force, then at some point March my  focus ability got raped by life. Like hardcore, bondage, sadistic, no pull out type rape. And when I restarted working in April, oh that focus ability was only a dream. It took me the longest to finish Act 1. The fucking longest.

But Jano is everything back on track? When will we see what you have been working on?What about your social media channels, will we ever see your assholic humor again?  Sharing is Caring Jano.

Obviously I am gonna share my work why else would I make a website dedicated to my work, duh. Like I said earlier the projects I’ve been working on over the past year will start debuting soon in intervals, at some point I am going to release Issue 2, and my smart ass mouth will start flowing like cum out of a porn star.  There were certain things I wanted done before I started becoming full force advertisy (making that a word today) and socially, but there were unforeseen delays that life wanted to hit me with. Felt like Glen when he got bashed in by Negan. Mass cool points to any one who got that reference.

This is actually a really simplified version of events for the past year. I am so not typing all of that shit. Nope, no such blog post will exist.

So Jano is everything back on track? When will you come back to us?

It may happen sooner than you think.

*ends on vague note purposely to create suspense.

Damn I need to get better at writing.