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Final Cover Issue 1_edited-1.jpg

Dear Friends of  Jano,

Within the past few months I decided to do on a full on comic series, which was just going to be a new set of random of drawings. *insert irony here.* The bulk of the past few months was spent brainstorming names, places and a coherent story that hopefully won’t be ripped apart the internet. Because we all know the internet will roast your soul worse than Cersei did in Game of Thrones.  Side note that may have been the only time I have ever liked her in entire series. Anyway, I am giving myself  a few years to finish this series since everything will be done by me.You read that right EVERYTHING, what did I say before all things are possible through me. I am really excited to be doing this and look forward to how it all comes out over the next few years.

The story takes place in the country of Azure under the rule of the benevolent Empress Watatsumi. In Issue 1 we meet her as her and her daughter Princess Yosei are on a royal reprieve at the beach, along with their Royal Guards and Mage. What is supposed to be a holiday turns into a battle royal by a band of random individuals. Leaving questions of who are they and the purpose behind this attack. For a preview of issue click here to go to my Behance page. Forgive the Jano Symbol that is placed on all the images, it will not be in final printed product which is available here on Amazon.