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Dear Friends of Jano,

Eh I guess its time, time to start showing off all things I worked on the past year. Look at you getting all creamy and squishy.  You may wanna wipe yourself before you continue reading, or not whichever its your body juices.

Before I start let me say this one more time

FUCK 2016!!! It can suck all the shit out of my asshole and suck my big veiny juicy plumbus.The amount of non pull out rape that happened last year was inexcusable, but as a result of it busting deep in my guts there were some things that gestated that helped my hybrid skill set. Yes, I just romanticized my own rape.

Spoiler alert: Before last summer the only type of photography I did was events at non profits and the church I help take photos at.  And real shit, it goes so boring after a while. No, I need you to understand. There is not much to taking pictures of a group people engaged in a task, like there isn’t.  Every once in a while you may catch something spectacular, but mostly it is a large sea of people who you hope stay engaged in their task. If not its like a deer stuck in the headlights which kinda ruins the nature of the photo.

I’ve had some experience with one on one photoshoots but not enough(those of which can be seen on my portfolio page), so last summer while I was painfully unemployed I decided to expand the FUCK outta my portfolio.  Yay for friends who will help you out. Wait lets change that, Yay for friends who say they will help you out and not cancel on you. When I started this project the theme was going to be of an artist nature, right about that. It turned more of a who is still down, oh you, ok kool.

At any rate this is the first entry of my posing experience. (I don’t think i am keeping that name) This was photographed on the campus of UNC Charlotte in their garden, it actually went well up until it started raining.

But Jano you could have shot in the rain if you were serious.

Nah Bruh, last time I checked electronics don’t function well after getting wet. I def would like to thank my home girl for helping me out with this. The link to some of the photos can be found here.

Anyway thats it for now, y’all go ahead and enjoy that while I am go do my hair. Yea thats  a thing for me, these curls won’t take care of them self. Until next time remember to check out my comic series Azure Ascendance available for purchase here. Meanwhile I’ll be working on Act 2, among other things. Side Note Joy is new season of Game Of Thrones, Insecure and Rick and Morty.

Hybrid Out.