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Dear Friends of Jano,

Have you ever played Sonic Cd? I feel the bulk of you just went no, well 1. Why?  2. It is ok because I will explain. In Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog would be in the past, present and future at various points in the game. Why is this relevant because I realized that is how this website will seem sometimes. The theme song is now playing in my head.


So there are some perks to being unemployed, kinda. I get to spend my time story boarding Act 2 of comic series Azure Ascendance and try to get some photo projects well when life lets me. Let me explain. As I said I’ve been storyboarding the fuck out of Act 2, which you would think would be easy since I literally wrote the story a while ago. But I have to make sure the story still makes sense, characters are anatomically correct, and I don’t do the same boring character stances every single fucking panel. Once I actually finish gesturing out Act 2(currently on issue 10), then I will go back and confirm the line work, ink, scan and then spend the next several months coloring. Yes, you read that write several months.

But Jano isn’t each Act going to be 5 issues?

Yes, and ideally I should get 1 issue done a month. BUT that is ideally and as we all know sometimes idealism is not a reality. Hence why I am saying several months instead of 5. As far as Issue 2 is concerned that will be released soon.I don’t plan on releasing an Issue until I can purchase the copyright. Let me remind ya’ll, if someone steals my work I will stab the fuck out of their life and sign their dead body with my cum. Spoiler alert: I have a foul mouth and make no apologies for it. My parents would be so proud….not really.

As far as my photo projects that I’ve been trying to bring life to since April. YO, Unprofessional people are the absolute worse, they can get stabbed in their cunt hole souls. I had wanted to try to do a few more  fantasy concept shoots but after the arduous, annoying, and aggrevating ordeal of securing models the past few months for the 4 ideas I had, I legit will wait to next spring before to pursue those artistic visions I desired.  Spoiler Alert: when I am done with these few remains shoots, there is a high chance I will be retiring my camera for the next few months. The only way I am going to do a shoot is if I am getting paid, unless we have a prior arrangement. And if we do have a prior arrangement (example when you say you will model for me), after a courtesy check I will not continue to chase you down if you expressed an interest.The only way I may do it is if 1. You actually matter to me as a person or 2. wait, there is no 2. I am totally ok with dropping worthless souls from my life  😉

That’s essentially where I stand with my projects.I did one of my concept shoots on Sunday and I will be working on those photos this week. I legit want to spend a lot of my time playing video games but I know if I pick up the controller I may go down the rabbit hole and won’t work on my book. Yay for moderation and a tiny bit of laziness. In other news there is only 1 episode left of Game of Thrones this season(UGH),Remember Dragon Lives Matter. The Defenders still made me wanna burn The Iron Fist.Rick is the koolest pickle I’ve ever seen in my life, he could be a Defender.Eclipses are magical, and remember when you see a Nazi stab them and make it look sexy.

Yea I hate Nazi’s, that’s a thing.