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Dear Friends of Jano,

Here we are. You and I gazing into an abyss of the internet as I post a new page in my Bizarre Art Journey.

Nigga What???

I don’t know, i didn’t really have an actual opening plan so I just started spouting words.

As if.

Tonight we have a special occasion. I am releasing a new issue of comic series.


Small confession, I have literally been done with Issues 1-5 since Summer 2017.

But Jano why haven’t you been releasing them at a faster rate?

Legitly there is no real reason. Although I am glad I didn’t because just recently a friend went through the aforementioned issues and pointed out my grammatical errors. So much gringe. This is what happens when you work bullshit slave jobs after graduating, your sense of grammar and proper sentence structure dies.

So just in case you ever wondered why these issues have so many run on sentences and what not that is why.

As I was saying I don’t have an exact reason why I haven’t been releasing them, I don’t. Part of me wanted to have the whole series done, another part wanted to have a certain gap between issues. Now I literally have a ten issue gap seeing that i just finished coloring issue 13. As of right now I have only seven issues left with a total of 319 pages.

Spoiler Alert, this is only going to be a 20 issue series. If you wanted a new Naruto, DBZ, Sailormoon, Bleach or One piece this def isn’t it.

But i’m legit looking forward to finally coloring the next 7 issues, especially considering I did issues 11-20 in the summer of 2018.

Yea…So in case you haven’t figured it out coloring has been a journey. I blame cotton field fatigue for it all. What I hoped to finish in 4 years from the fall of 2016 has not manifested.

Issues 1-5 were done by spring 2017, issue 6 June 2019, Issue 7-10 summer 2020 (thanks lockdown), Issues 11-13 Fall 2020-Fall 2021.

Ugh. So much fucking ugh.

But since I actually have my book in a local bookstore and I just did the QC  Zine fest, where people actually expressed interest in my book. I may actually try to release these in a faster rate. Maybe 1 every 2 months? Maybe, no promises. Hopefully I’ll be done with this JRPG saga before the releases catch up.

*does math…2025, that is if i drop an issue every 2 months from this point on. On kami if i’m not done with this saga by then I’m trash, legit trash.

Hey Google, play Charles Hamilton Loser.

Side note, if you are wondering what the final villain is gonna look like. Head towards my boutique and look at the current tshirt and prints I have for sale.

Super Final Battle JRPG Vibes bro.

With all that out of the way I present Level 3 of my comic book series Azure Ascendance.

*starts narrator voice

A battle royal begins. Coco, Boumei, Raiken, Coral and Kuchihige battle fiercely as Princess Yosei is still passed out from her recent ordeal. Meanwhile Watatsumi finds out the true identity of her masked savior. Truths are revealed as a battle rages on in another part of Azure while a new foe waits to ravage bodies indiscriminately.

*ends narrator voice

The intensity continues to build in this story my ancestors told me to write in a medium I was fond of growing up. At usual I have a preview page so that you can view. 

And as usual you can find this issue on my publications page along with the back issues.  I have the full witches intent to put an issue out every 2 months, especially since now this little hermit has people who are interested in this saga I’ve created. I need to do another show to keep this momentum growing.

As Namie Amuro…This is for all my fans.

Maaaan if I get people cosplaying my characters and get this animated I will yeet so hard I may cum.

Huh what.