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Dear Friends of Jano,

First and fucking foremost, I Miss DMX. HOLY FUCK His death hurt. FUCK. Fuck Prince Phillip, that nigga did nothing for my life like DMX. Shit.


So….ugh….lets continue.

Man here we are still in a pandemic. Here we are still trying to avoid a super virus. Here we are trying to avoid a super virus and racism.

Well, some of us.

*Deep exasperated sigh*

So fucking exhausting. Meanwhile I am trying to navigate through the aforementioned lanes, and multiple other avenues of life. MAN I wish knew getting my life together was going to be this complicated years ago…wait did I? I don’t know if I would have stuck around for it.

No really. I’m pretty fucked up. Spoiler Alert.

Meh, but I do like JRPG and that is what I am defining this art journey which I roughly started 5 years ago.

FUCK!! The concept of time is wild. Drive slow homie.

Thats right this is a JRPG. if you know what that stands for man I really fuck with you. If not well google it, I’ll still be here.

What started with a simple quest of me wanting to get better with posing people since I had only really done events, has morphed into…whatever the fuck this is. Am I even close to the final boss? Or am I on a string of side quest with no real end sight? Honestly I have no fucking idea.

I did have a realization that the last summer I had where I didn’t obsess over projects was Summer 2016. So the goal is, as surprising as this may sound considering how much I abhorred that year, is to be as free as I was that blasphemous year.

Whew Chile, that was a sentence that really came out of my mouth. Ok, we are here now.

But I legit just miss playing video games without having some sense of guilt and existential dread/ crisis/ ennui….all of the the existentialism I’ve felt it. Deep, DEEP In my chest.

*deep breath*

Hopefully I can consolidate lanes and reach a destination in Jano’s Bizarre Art Adventure.

Yo on Kami, sometimes my metaphors come out so smooth I get a lil moist and juicy.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with this months issue. None, no such bearing on this issue exist.

This months issue is a peaceful, wholesome issue that occurred during the trying times of 2020. I said fucking wholesome nigga. Translation, nothing to do with my quest to get any of the infinite stones. Yea those things.

Spoiler Alert, It is going to be a while until that guantlet is complete.

Honestly, don’t hold your breath.

This issue is a rare moment where my personal life and my art journey intersect in this Venn diagram, henceforth here we are.

Do you remember the Portal issue? No? Ok go read that if ya didn’t. And if you did well congrats for keeping up with my life. Well her and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary at the tail end of last June.

Awww Jano thats sweet.

Yea tender moments and all that. Well to celebrate we went to Charleston, a place I was going to treat myself when I completed my gauntlet, but ya know that ain’t happened. Plus Charleston is expensive especially when you don’t make shit and you are saving to quit a cottonfield that makes your throat lump up.

Smh fuckin’ horrible bro.

But we went down there on a whim, it felt nice to go esp after I finished coloring Act 2 of my comic series, and it was a legit goal of mine. I went in 2014 as part of a staff retreat but I didn’t get to enjoy it. This time, yea I did.

During our visit we went to an aquarium. YAAAAS to marine life. YAAAAAAS. This lil nigga gets excited about fish, judge me if you want I don’t give a shit. At some point during our visit one of the guides told us that if we liked this one we would enjoy the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. So fast forward to early August we went to Atlanta for her bday.

On kami, that aquarium was huge.Thoughts I had as our hotel was right across from it. Part of the reason it had such girth was because it was the home of whale sharks. Which she made her goal to swim with.

Nigga what?

Yea.Swim with Whale Sharks.

Jano, did you do it too?

If I did, who would have taken the images that you are about to look at? Do you really think I will place someone else art work on MY website. Nigga bye.


1. I can’t swim

2. Anxiety and terror are a real thing.

3. I still was unemployed at this time, and it wouldn’t be fair to have her spend that large of an amount on something I wasn’t that excited to do. Tickets were at least in the 230-250 range. Sometimes I am decent person, sometimes.

She bought her ticket early on and literally had the entire day until that episode of adventure time aired. Until then we toured the rest of the aquarium. Ya’ll I saw dolphins, turtles, and octopi. Nigga I yeeted.

The time came and she armored up to dive with those behemoths. We were escorted to the top of a tank, meanwhile I chilled in an area designated for those who were accompanying the divers. The experience last for at least an hour. They were told they could no touch the sea spawn as a sign of respect. She told me swimming wasn’t necessary, the gear they was issued out kept you floating without any work on your part.

I still feel like I would have panicked and drowned. As I said anxiety and terror are a very real thing. Very real.




Anyway to see this Marine level excursion with whale sharks and manta rays go here.

Like I said , this is a pretty peaceful issue.

Join me next time when…..eh just come back in a month. I’m too tired to do a preview.

No really, I ran errands all day and its now 2:42 am, and I’m supposed to have a shoot tomorrow. Supposed to.

So thats all folks.