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Dear Friends of Jano,

This has been a sporadic and slaveful as summer,at least for me. FUCK. Kanye West Spaceship is legit playing both in my head and on my Spotify  Can my Azure Ascendance spaceship come in and so I can fly away and do art things instead.


This saga actually isn’t complicated, compared to some of the others I’ve shared. Its just more so a matter of waiting.

It literally started Spring 2017 with a white girl.

But Jano, how did it go from white girl to your friend we have seen model for you 3 times who clearly isn’t white?

Well if you shut the fuck up you will find out :).

At some point in Spring 2017 when I was unemployed as fuck, yep that unemployment streak that started January 2016. MAN that was an arduous time.


I random white girl followed me on IG. At the time I was not posting anything on any social media platform. At the time my mindset I wasn’t gonna post anything until I got a full time job finally…

HA I was foolish.

Anyway because of that some of  the most recent things I posted were photos of cosplay images. She DM’d me saying she would like to do a cosplay shoot, and me at the time who has not done one yet was down.

What followed was a series of events that made me more so loose patience with humanity, more so.

For those who weren’t paying attention, I wasn’t employed at the time.Employment didn’t happen until mid April and lasted until Early June. Followed by me being unemployed for 2 weeks, working for a month, then unemployed again until September. All of which, except for the 1st weekend of new slavery, I had the weekends off.

I would hit her up multiple times, and yet despite it being her idea she was never available. I appreciated her actually replying but at the same time I was irked. From the time period of Mid July to September, asking became ridiculous. She would tell me that she had alot going on, but then her IG stories would have a caption of going to meet a photographer. Days later it would be photos up of her in the outfit from the IG stories from said photographers.

Ya’ll listen, the older I get the less fucks I give.

Spoiler Alert.

I’m not gonna continue to chase people down for something that was their idea. I’m not.That mindset translate into a lot of things these days. I don’t have the time nor patience from it.

If you have an idea that you want done, and you don’t make an effort to make it happen. I.E. if I keep asking and the only thing you tell me is you’ll let me know, I’ll let it go.

As  I let this go.

Summer 2017 was more hectic than I planned in terms of model searching. Finding models for Graveyard Craft, Schoolgirl Craft, Masquerade day, and and a fucking mermaid was a legit an Rpg type journey.

So….many…..side ….quest…..

During the mermaid saga when I finally had my model solidified. I told my homegirl about the aforementioned treachery, and she told she would do a cosplay photoshoot for me.

So let me publicly gush for once. She is legit my favorite model out of all the people I worked with.

Spoiler Alert.

She is, she drove down to help me out multiple times to help me fulfill my art dreams and was willing to do it again. I’m sorry none of you others can compare to her at all. Some of you may be mad, but I don’t give a fuck. If I actually get to shoot any of them more than once for another idea of mine  I will be surprised. So to my homegirl I want to say you are the best, and I’m glad we met at that winter comic convention in 2013. Whenever I see you again I owe you food for all the times you helped when I was unemployed, plus you left your brush here.

Tender moments are over.

Back to this journey.

Even though she had agreed to help me out, it wasn’t that a simple thing. No major reason, just schedule conflicts. We both were working retail, and even when my schedule  switched to weekend availability in the Spring of 2018 she still wasn’t able to make it down. Which sucked because I did have an idea to do it during the Spring while the trees were blooming new leaves for the year after a frigid callous winter.

Eventually August 2018, it happened after the original agreement was formed in September 2017. The day came and she arrived at my house, it took a minute before we actually did the shoot. I was recovering from a lush filled night, ironically enough when I did the masquerade shoot it was the day after I drank on a Sunday in August too.


She prepared herself make up wise, while I got my equipment ready. I drove to downtown where I envisioned this happening. The weather was perfect, as in I didn’t have to worry about her dying from heat exhaustion. It was a cloudy chill day so neither of us would sweat our spirits away.

Nothing extraordinary happened. She knew more about the character than I do, so my usual look at Pintrest for posing ideas was useless.  The only other things that happened was that children thought that she was kool and wanted pictures with her. There was this one nigga, who was exactly that a nigga. I regret letting him take a photo with her, his last words were that picture will get ya’ll famous.

Negro please I didn’t even edit that nonsense.

I reject thou niggatry with the greatest power of the force.


We ended the shoot since she hadn’t eaten all day. We had talked about doing a night shoot but that didn’t happen. Partially because I was afraid it would be a repeat of what happened in Incandescent Spirits, the other half was because niggas were tired as fuck. OMG, I really need to start stretching before I shoot people I do.

At any rate, we went to get something to eat. She introduced me to Poke’bowls and Poke’ Burritoes. OMFG, they are so great. Blessed Be Korean food. We went back to my house and hung out, while she played her favorite songs.

Ugh, I just remembered how she played that foolishness of Kanye West Lift Yourself…OMG. I legit didn’t think it was him, and I’m upset I heard it.. A far from cry from Spaceship I mentioned earlier.

Someone save Kanye from Kanye


At any rate to see the images from that day click here.

On another note, this is actually the photoshoot I did of 2018. Not by choice, not by choice at all. As far “Infinity Stones” go, at this point I have 3 of the 6 I am determined to get.  Other shoots were supposed to happen, but ya know life and peoples fickleness.

Moral of the story, Don’t trust white girls who slide and your DM’s. As well don’t chase anyone down when it is their idea.

Next issue will take place in 2019. I am almost caught up with time…or something…whatever…..

WOOT Tomorrow I go see Kota the Friend perform.


Jano Out.