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Final cover Issue 2



Dear Friends of Jano,

Holy Shit

Spiderman on Ps4 is a great game, I haven’t beaten it at all but I like what I’ve done so far. I def need to finish Final Fantasy 7 before I fully emerge myself into this masterpiece.

Speaking of Masterpieces

I’m finally releasing Azure Ascendance Issue 2.


But Jano why the delay?

Yea well a lot of things, but thats not really important, ie I don’t feel like typing all that. I will say that I can finally afford the copyright for this issue. Point of the story is that I am releasing the next chapter of my saga which I conceived in the demon year of 2016.

At any rate lets dive into Issue 2.

Watatsumi and other members of the Posei Kingdom recover in the hideout of their unknown masked assailant. As they wonder how they will save Princess Yosei, threats loom within the enemy camp that threaten her life. Will the Posei Kingdom be able to save her in time? Or will Yosei fall prey to more anguish than she has already experienced?

I’m so excited to put the next issue out, I hoping to go at a faster rate. But fuck adulthood and having a job. I wonder is this how TeamFourStar feels when they produce videos.

Anyway to see a preview page, go here. And to actually purchase the issue venture forth to Amazon here.

And with that being said we now go back to our regular scheduled program. In the meantime I’ll be web slinging my spirit away or maybe I’ll finally finish Final Fantasy 7 so that I can enjoy Spiderman without wondering can I beat Sephiroth.

Sidenote, Fuck the whole PDF process that I have to go through to create this issue. The admin process is literally the worse.

Frag this shit, but at the same time I am glad to have it ooze out like juice out of a vagina.

Moist as fuck.

*Crosses Fingers that this gets me closer to having it animated on a streaming services, so I can stop working cotton fields that don’t feed my soul.