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Dear Friends of Jano,

I legit debated if I wanted to try this given the results of last time.

Jano, what happened last time? Why are you being vague as fuck? Why do you ask yourself questions in 3rd person?

Back in 2016 when I started this Art Journey and was unemployed as fuck, I decided to make an Indiegogo page to raise funds to get some camera equipment.

Spoiler Alert: No one donated anything. None, no such donations existed.

I legit saw the most random of causes from help me get a new pet to I need a new video game system because my ex girl friend destroyed it when she saw I cheated on her. Legit was being funded by people, meanwhile I got nothing.

My faith in humanity dropped more so, as my inadequacy and trash complex grew more than the Grinches heart when he heard the Whos down in Whoville sang after he stole EVERYTHING.

What did Charles Hamilton say in that song off his mixtape Pink LavaLamp, oh yea

“I once was the loser, now I’m older still the same loser.”

I promise I think that may be one of my theme songs in life.Nihilism at its finest.


I was on wikipedia a few weeks ago looking up Dear White People after I finished watching Season 2. I found out that the movie was funded through an Indiegogo page. And that is how we got here.

Legit thought maybe, just maybe, my comic series Azure Ascendance could gain the money for copyrights through a fundraiser.

But Jano don’t you have a college degree and that hasn’t that got you good high paying jobs?

HA, Nigga you funny. The only thing I have gotten is bullshit low paying retail jobs, or seasonal based projects that believe lay offs are life. I am about to be on my 10th cotton field since graduation. None of which allow me to fully support myself.

Stay In School kids…..could you taste the sarcasm, salt and shade? You could? YAAAASSS, deep throat it, no teeth.

Anyway. My hope is that this will help me get the copyright funds for the rest of my series which I have dedicated my soul to. The same way Thanos wants to balance the universe is my dedication to this project, yea its that deep.

Minus the genocide of the universe part….maybe.

To check out my fundraiser, go forth and click here.

Oh yea here too. Because why not try my luck on two different fund raising sites.

Nevermind the fact that luck was non existent 2 years ago. SMH

I’m actually going to pass out with dreams of my comic series being on Netflix one day. I would say Toonami, but I don’t want my material censored ;).