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Dear Friends of Jano,

Pretty sure most of you looked at the picture and guessed what this issue is about.

Spoiler Alert, you probably ain’t wrong.

I finally saw Deadpool 2 today, literally late as fuck compared to the rest of humanity. But the good part I had the theater to myself…mostly. I hate going to the movies when it is first released. Legit too many people for my liking. Plus if it is a super hero movie there are kids. I hate kids. I legit hate the children with all their noise, noise and noise.

Jano, Did you just quote the Grinch?

Yes because that is the way I feel in my heart.  I went to go see Fantastic Four back in 2005, and there were kids asking their parents could they get Fantastic Four toys after the movies. NO YOU CAN’T GET NO DAMN TOYS JOHNNY, YOU ARE RUINING MY MOVIE EXPERIENCE. CUNT!!

No Apologies for calling a child a cunt.

Somehow after avoiding weeks of spoilers, I legit managed to be surprised by everything that happened when I saw it. Despite how many times I say Spoiler alert, I will not actually say anything that will spoil the movie for any of you.

But Jano you just called a child a cunt.

Whats your point?

The point of this whole issue is that I enjoyed this movie so much, that I drew the image at the top before it came out months ago.

Wait what?

Yep, The result of not giving a fuck about the cotton you are picking at work. I legit didn’t know anything about the movie except that Cable and Domino were going to be in it.

Before we go on, can we take a minute to appreciate Zazie Beats as Domino. YES LAWD *Anderson Paak Voice.

Oh yea that there was going to be time travel, because duh Cable.

Its so ironic to see him as Cable when 2 months ago he snaps away half the universe as Thanos. Awwww tender moments.

At any rate, the point of this image was to promote my comic series Azure Ascendance, just in case it wasn’t obvious with Deadpool holding an issue.

SMH y’all ain’t woke.

To see it in gallery format, go forth yonder here.

Moral of the story. Deadpool 2 makes my soft boy parts throb with joy like the first one.  I hope when my friends watched it, I hope they thought about me like they said they did during the first one.

Blah I have the biggest hunger headache right now, even though I have been eating like…something…that eats a lot. FUCK IT!!!

Go watch the movie, bring lotion or you’ll regret it. I did.

I want cheese sticks.