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Dear Friends of Jano,

First and foremost, I just heard the death of Drake via Pusha T. Damn it was Degrassi all over again. He just lost his whole life, all of it. DAMN homey, In high school you were the man homey.Well not really. You were Wheel Chair Jimmy at some point. Look at history repeating itself.


This months issue is a special edition. Why?

  1. I legit didn’t feel like waiting until next year to talk about an event that I may not attend again.
  2. This month was originally going to be talking about the photoshoot I did with a friend I did last year. BUT this nigga doesn’t have his website ready for me to promote it. SMH

If you add 2 plus 2, you get this special edition/ filler issue.

“Call it what you want motha fucka, I got a quota and I’m hitting it.”

Bonus points if you can recognize where that quote came from. Not really.

So a few weeks ago my actress home girl (England Simpson) texted me that she had an extra pass to the Days of the Dead Convention and asked me did I want to go. I said sure, and asked that most important question ever, will there be food there? Sadly there wasn’t going to be, that was a sign…..

Spoiler alert, I’m just be ominous,dramatic and foreboding for no real fucking reason.

Saturday came with me waking up early as fuck for no reason, which is sad cuz I passed out late the night before after watching a new episode of 13 reasons. I watched another episode of 13 reasons Season 2 (shit is legit dramatic crack), tried to download Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Crisis and then got ready. Since she told me there wasn’t going to be any food vendors, my black ass went to go get me a Korean sandwich and a Boba Tea.

Spoiler Alert, I need food in my life to function especially if I’m going to be doing anything artistically.


I get downtown and meet her at the parking lot that she is at. Nigga, Parking was 15 fucking whole dollars. 15 dollars and ya’ll motha fuckas ain’t feeding anyone?!!!

Nigga fuck ya’ll and everything you stand for.

So I park after having my wallet raped, met my home girl and we precede into the venue. It was a horror con, similar to Mad Monster Party. And just like Mad Monster party white people stared like they have never seen a real life black person before.

Dear White people, even though you kill us off first in horror movies doesn’t mean that you won’t see us at horror theme conventions. I thought we covered this last time. What are ya’ll worried I would kill you like Candy Man? Spoiler Alert: If I could I would :).

Real Shit though, I barely saw any black people though. I promise you the aesthetic was mostly dirty, rancid white people that looked like they didn’t bathe. I can support that statement with facts, I had to stop breathing because the amalgamation of funk that raped my nose. It literally felt like an aroma-esque that lynched my nostrils similar to how what disobedient slaves would get for wanting to be treated like a person.

Tangent over.

At some point while I was waiting for her to leave the bathroom, Candy Man walked by me. It took me a minute to realize that it was Candy Man. First off that is a tall ass negro. No, Like Real shit, That nigga is tall as fuck.

My friend was a panel speaker on what it was like to be a woman film maker in the film industry. Before her panel it was a bunch of dudes who literally took most of the room with them when they left. Well damn.

England and the other four female film makers talked about their influences, past experiences in the industry, as well as the adversity they have encountered in the industry. England also talked about the extra layer of racism that she encountered being a black woman film maker, that her four white co panelist had not experienced. Some eyes gasped like gosh I didn’t think black females go though anything. Its crazy I thought Obama fixed all that. Ya’ll please stay woke.

The panel lasted at least 30-40 mins then we left. Her other panelist came up to talk to her.They discussed even though the con has made some stride in acknowledging that there are women of film, the playground isn’t very inclusive yet. When will it get to the point of getting rid of the gender divide and having panels of film makers in general instead of dividing them by chromosome differences.

The Ironic part about all of this the film maker posters were not on any of the walls unlike the other promotional posters.

This is Amerikkka.

We checked out the dealers room and I debated deep in my spirit was there anything I wanted to spend my money on. There wasn’t.

I did see Teddy Long from WWE tho, that was cool. Ted Raimi was there and England fangirled, as I stood there not judging. I literally just heard of him that day. For future reference, I didn”t watch a lot of movies and it concerns a lot of my friends.

She had a table to sell her merchandise, so for the next few hours we literally sat at the table, people watch and chill. Man some people had some impressive costumes, others just looked like they didn’t bathe.

I don’t apologize for talking shit about dirty people at cons, I don’t. Shit bothers me at anime and comic conventions. Literally one of the first things y’all are taught before your love of comics, anime, movies, video games or any type of hobbies in life is to wash your fucking ass. Ya’ll mother fuckas are nasty. Clean ya self, for the culture.

Tangent over, no wait. Fuck ya’ll dirty, stinky, and rancid bastards,

Ok, now it’s over.

When that was over we did a final walk around. One of the vendors in the merchant room worked on Star Trek and had his Emmy out. An actual fucking Emmy. I hope its magical creative energies flowed to me and my art flourishes with that extra magical boost.


I think thats it.This another reason I didn’t want to wait a year to talk about this in case I forgot something. Ironically enough I probably did, HA.

Anyway to check out some of the cosplay images from the con of dirtiness and a legit fucking EMMY check them out here.

Anyway my hybrid ass is hungry, so this issue is over. Maybe next time we will go back to our regular schedule broadcast.Maybe.

Remember Magical Black People exist, don’t be afraid.

Shit I’m hungry.