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Dear Friends of Jano,

Yo first and fucking foremost fuck not having my computer, OMG first world problems is a real thing. I just got it back after having to send it off to Apple land. Why? Because the mouse decided that it wanted to frag up on me out of the clear blue sky. And not just any clear blue sky, when I was watching One Piece in my anime block. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. I promise you before I sent it off I was hearing every old school 90’s r&b song that was about missing someone. So much sadness, ya’ll just don’t understand.


Now that I got my existential crisis out of the way, we can go on with the next stop of Jano’s model practice journey.

So once upon a time, I was dressed as Deadpool at Charlotte Comic Con December 2013, and there was this girl dressed as Poison Ivy. We met and became friends, and she decided to help me out. Because who doesn’t want to help a cute nerd with a smart ass mouth,who looks good in spandex and who went to the same college as you.The end.

Well not really, don’t leave yet.

Ironically enough the location we shot at I initially scouted for another photoshoot that got cancelled.(Which sucked because I totally could have used the money, Fuck you 2016). Anyway the location has a dead track, well that is at least what I was hoping as I was walking it. (Getting hit by a train is not part of my life goals.) The most aggravating part about this day was

1. That as we were getting ready to leave it rained, but only for an hour.

2.When it was over I was so fucking damn sore, NIGGA. I have to be the most skinny out of shape person in life. I have to be. This is what happens when you don’t go to the gym for a while, but the money is still be drafted out of your account. Yea, I need to work on that. I promise you the entire time we watched Sailor Moon R the Movie and ate pizza I questioned if It was normal to be this sore.

At any rate some of the pictures from that sore ass day are here.

Spoiler Alert: This won’t be the last time you see her. You should check out her cosplay pages in the meantime right here.

Meanwhile while ya’ll are doing that I need to catch up on my shows (Insecure, Boruto, DragonBall Super, Rick and Morty, Ninja Turtles, One Piece, X-Men, and Fairy Tail). Like I said first world problems are a real thing especially when you are not gonna pay for cable. That shit is high as fuck for no reason. Actually, no I need to do my hair, then I’ll watch my shows.

Oh MacBook, how I’ve missed you.