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Dear Friends of Jano,

Shit, I just woke up and the original intro I had for this issue is a blank to me now.

FUCK, I had a clear monologue prepared from picking cotton today and now its a blur.

Eh, oh well.

*Boyz II Men End of the Road plays in the background. No Literally its playing, Spoiler Alert.

Guys, this is it…Kinda.

Its finally happened,  I’ve caught up with all the photoshoots I’ve done since I began this journey since July 2016.  Kinda.

Jano, explain all  these kindas.

When I started when this photography part of my art journey, the whole point was to gain experience working with models because for the bulk of my life has been me doing events, What ensued the summer of 2016 was a myriad of quests of trying to capture ideas with the lens of my camera. There are a few side quest I am still pursing, but for right now I am all caught up with all my adventures.

I do have images from doing a workshop for the nonprofit organization Back To Black, and from my New Years Florida vacation but those are just events to me. Not to say that I won’t do events any more but 1. they don’t feel essential to my art quest, and 2. at this point right now they feel like filler episodes. And personally I am not a fan of filler episodes, I will not be like Naruto.

No Ma’am.

I rather be like Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail, and My Hero Academia and have off seasons and come back when I have something significant.

From this point on the monthly issue format you have gotten accustomed to will dissipate into the ether, and I will be updating this site on a more random sporadic basis. It’ll be ironic that even after I make this issue that I still have monthly issues.

In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on coloring my comic series. I had this bad habit in recent months of saying I would get my issue out at the beginning of the month so that I could get it out the way. But obviously there were times I wouldn’t and my foolish mindset was to focus only on that and nothing else would get done since that was the only thing I was focused on.

Smh at my damn self and my raggedy thought process.

Also with that being said I’m not accepting any commissions of any sorts, not that I had an influx of orders or anything.

I’ll still be updating my social media channels (see side navigation) with images every month from previous adventures,  and if you don’t follow me on anything then subscribe via email (see side navigation) to be notified when the updates occur.

Stay woke.

In the meantime check out this issue, to help me fundraise for my comic quest.

For now guys that’s it, see ya’ll again hopefully…..maybe…….

*waves goodbye from the coastline of Azure.