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Dear Friends of Jano,

Its 2020, and yep its a whole new decade….*insert flashbacks and existential episode here.

You ever come back from a vacation and you have issues readjusting to life, when you already were bleh about it anyway? That has legit been me since I came back from the southern part of Florida. If you ever get a chance to check out Sanibel Island, do it. Industrialization has for the most part has not touched this part of the world. It is legit so beautiful.

Whats not so beautiful is the racism I experienced while in Cape Coral. Shit was repulsive.

Dear White People,  Your logic of ignoring a black customer while having a black coworker is foolish. One day you are going to fuck with the wrong one, and I hope to hear about it on the news.

Anyway. Here I am weeks later on typing this issue finally. Like I said readjusting has been hard, as is finding the words to write this.  This isn’t an actual major issue, at least for me. For lack of better words this is a filler issue….like some other issues.

But Jano, what is a filler?

Well if you are asking that you obviously don’t watch anime. A filler is an adventure is detailed that is unrelated, or tangential, to the main story arc(s).

In this case, the main arc is the collection of my “Infinity Stones”, which at this point still is 2 remaining photo shoots that have yet to occur.  Although this may not be essential to my journey, sharing this would be helpful for another creative.

Who remembers my friend England Simpson?  If that name sounds familiar then I really fuck with you, because she has been the subject of a few of my issues at this point. If not well, go read some back issues.

At some point in 2018, she had told me that my place would be a perfect place to film a movie.I told her she could as long as she paid me, she said of course. Time went by, like nearly 2 years really and she told me she is gonna do it the 1st weekend of October of 2019.

Side note, this issue actually takes place before the events of my first art show. Usually I do things chronologically but I was excited as fuck to talk about it.

At any rate we made preparations, and she came by one Sunday morning. She arrived probably 930 -10ish.  I legit had no idea long of a day it was gonna be, I didn’t but whatever its happening now so I would find out.  They arranged my living room to how they wanted it, prepped the actors, props and did script reads.

I stayed out the way since my only part was to provide a place for part of the movie to be filmed. I joked with her Sisters, read the rest of Grave Destiny and started reading AfroFuturism….which I still need to finish actually. One of the photographers showed me his work, plus showed me the capabilities of one my lenses. Honestly that was probably the best part.

The worst part tho….nigga…..

So, there was a person who catered the event. Which was ok because you know food is a necessary thing….but what isn’t necessary is this bloated bare foot lady horrendous foot odor. OMFG.





At various points I would walk from the living room to my room, passing the kitchen in the mean time and I would catch a whiff of something. I wasn’t sure what it was but I knew I didn’t like it. At some point in the afternoon this pasty land whale sat in the living room on one of my couches, and when she descended as did the foul smell that was in tow from her toes. OMG that shit right there, that shit right there made me escape my own living room. I don’t know if escape rooms are that easy but spoiler alert that day it was. To add insult to injury this bulbous blob big bitch took the top to one of my pots, which I didn’t realize until a few weeks later.

OMG Jano, how could you say all this?

Because it actually happened, spoiler alert.

Other than the stinky gender bent version of Blob, the day was pretty chill. Not gonna lie at some point I was thinking I need you niggas to get the fuck out of my house. If I didn’t have to work early it wouldn’t be such an issue, but 336 am comes early sadly. UGH.

The whole thing ended around 11ish. They left the house in the same manner they found it clean…minus the top of my pot. I feel like Captain Ahab and hunting me a fucking whale.

Dear White people, don’t pollute houses with your unclean appendages and steal shit like your fucking ancestors did.


For a description and a trailer of the movie which called Fat Henry, click here. To see some of the behind the scenes images go here.

Not gonna lie, I had no idea what was this movie was about even though it was being filmed in my house.

No clue, no such clues existed.

But I did get paid, which help fund my prints for my my first art show.

Moral of the Story… other than white people be the worse sometime?

I have no clue, decipher one for yourself and let me know or not.

Kinda wanna keep typing, but I also wanna keep staring at this Lava Lamp and pass out. Like I said 336 am comes fast and early.