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Dear Friends of Jano,

YO its fucking March now, that shit is wild. Like holy fuck. The concept of time is blowing my mind right now, like woah. Almost as much seeing Anderson Paak in concert did. YES LAWD, that shit was amazing last week.  And then Kilo Kish this week. I think concerts maybe a new thing for me, just maybe.


So this months issue is one of those family friendly, wholesome, and full of tender moments that make you believe in humanity.  I guess things like this is good for you every once in a while.

Spoiler Alert, I probably won’t be ranting about the events of this shoot…probably.

Side note, I’m legit have some form of writers block right now so the writing in this issue may not be the best.

At some point in February last year while I was scripting my comic series Azure Ascendance, one of my homegirls I met in a Psychology and Law class at  UNCG during my last year hit me up. She told me her and her husband were in the process of closing on their first home, and wanted to do house reveal photos. After I gave a wave of holy shit congrats for being real adults, I told her I was down. I let her know I was available on the w.ends mostly.  I said mostly because I was technically working two jobs but one wasn’t scheduling me. Right it was odd, not that I was upset but thats another story.

Fuck retail.

Anyway, the date that she wanted to do the photos was actually on Easter and ironically we were close that day. Who knew? Real shit I didn’t know, I didn’t think some retail chains have souls.

*cough Ikea cough*

The day came and I headed to her new house after I got something to eat. I got in her neighborhood and was like oh yea I’m def poor poor and not a real adult.  Not at all, no such real adult exist. None.

I parked and walked up to the door.When she opened the door I looked down and saw a pregnancy belly as she yelled surprise.

HOLY FUCK. Wasn’t ready, at all. Like…HOLY FUCK.

Flabbergasted is putting it mildly how shocked I was, I had to sit down. I think I shouted Holy Fuck and Congrats multiple times, along with other things to that affect. Her husband walked in, and I said you couldn’t pull out could ya? We all laughed.

Side note, we all know how babies are made right?  Its 2019 and I’m not filtering my mouth for anyone because they missed sex education.

But in case you have no idea I’ll tell ya.

Spoiler Alert, babies are made when sperm bombs explode in a vagina hole.

Anyway after we caught up she told me what type of photos she wanted and we got to it.

Told ya this is a pretty undramatic issue. The only problem that existed was that I need a better lens for wide angle shots. I promise at some point I heard my knee pop while trying to get an all encompassing photo of their house.


Anyway when it was over we went to get something to eat. She asked me if I could I get them done soon so she can do a big social media reveal. So when I got home I knocked it out within a few hours.

Spoiler Alert, I’m the magical pretty negro your parents warned you about.

So Jano what are they having?

Well that will be revealed in another issue. But for right now you can check out my knee popping images here.

If all my shoots were as straight forward as this, I probably wouldn’t be so existential. Just saying.

Thats actually all for this. As far as my comic is concerned I need to do better. Legit need to do better. I haven’t progressed as far as I would want since I restarted coloring mid January.

Jano how many pages have you colored?

6. 6 fucking pages. I’m so disappointed in myself. I blame my job, I do. I’m exhausted as fuck when I get off and have a weird sleep pattern because of it. If this cotton field shut down right now, I would legit be excited because I could color to my souls content.

I just want to see comic turned animated on Netflix and Hulu, fuck these jobs that do nothing for me and my soul. Any witches reading this please feel free to help. It’ll be a nice bday gift for me this month. That and Spiderman for PS4, just saying.

Anyway, I’m going to play X-men Vs Street Fighter since I finally got it to work.

Hybrid out.