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Dear Friends of Jano,

Yo today was a legit chill ass fucking today, despite me waking up early as fuck on my day off.

I was like yo let me edit the pictures from my first Mad Monster Party, but first I need to watch something. I started the new DevilMan CryBaby series on Netflix, yo how come no one told me how nice this series is. My friends who watch anime and who didn’t tell me about it, ya’ll nuggas are on prohibition. Anyway after 2 episodes I decided to start work on the images, while listening Krizz Kaliko: Go and Hannibal Burress: Live from Chicago. Watched my shows, did my hair, chilled all day then just finished watched the latest Justice League Movie……it was ok, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was gonna be. Legit can’t deal with Ben Affleck as Batman, whose Mans is this that thought it would be a good idea to be Batman. HOW SWAY?!

Anyway the party.

So back in 2016(GRRSSSSSH that year), my actress home girl England Simpson, (Spoiler alert, I took her profile picture but we will talk about that later… no literally we will). told me about the Mad Monster Party and I was like word I wanna check it out one day.

Fast foward to February 17, 2018, she put me on the list to get in that day.

Yo I’ve never been on the list before, I felt so important in my life. I almost wanted to walk around with my meat out and swinging. Swoosh Swoosh nuggas.


I arrived at the Hilton and met up with her, at some point we made it down to where show floor. MAN so many people in cosplay, OMG. Like OMG. I low-keyed geeked out at some peoples outfits. Nigga, I saw Mick Foley at one of the tables, internally I was going oh shit.I’ve seen you on TV getting bruised, battered and beaten so many times and know you are right here in front of me.

Jano did you say that in front of him?

Fuck no, he would have beaten me worse than the people that have beat his ass over the years.

Anyway we walked around, and yo I’m not gonna lie my years of being a hermit gave me a bad case of hush mouth. I legit had trouble asking people for pictures. Yay for friends because England def helped me shoot my shot.

I was trying for a basketball reference, did it work.Nah ok. Moral of this part of the story I need to not let social anxiety stop me from getting photo worthy photos….best analogy I got right now, deal with it.

The show was pretty dope though. At some point her sister came and it was the three of us traversing the horror film fest grounds. We checked out the Cosplay beauty pageant and spoiler alert this girl I randomly I added on facebook a few years ago was hosting it. I was like I know that girl….not really.

Side note, I liked how many white people looked at us like what are you niggers doing here? Duh, enjoying our lives you Plumbus face diseased cunts.

Dear White People, just because you kill black people off first in horror movies doesn’t mean we won’t come to genre themed conventions. Spoiler alert we like this shit too.

Eventually we made it down to the movie premiere of Prelude: A Love Story. Spoiler Alert it was the movie England made with her sister Ingrid had produced, and which England starred in.

I liked it, there was one part which I thought was hilarious as fuck. Spoiler alert….nah I’m playing I don’t do spoilers for films especially if my friends made them. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I think thats it, to see some of the pictures I took go here on the internet.

Oh yeah one more thing.

Ya’ll listen.

If you ever find yourself in front of someone taking a picture of someone else, don’t just stand there in front of the lens. Move, as in Move Bitch Get outta the way Get outta the way bitch Get outta the way.

That stupid fucking cunt acne faced blonde ditz.

Ok that’s it, Im out.