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Refreshingly Weird as fuck.jpg

Dear Friends of Jano,

Man I draw I some weird shit and I am ok with that.

A few weeks ago I said I would be doing 3 issues this month, well this is the 3rd one and which is coming out today on my bday. Yep I am that narcissistic to drop an issue on my bday, this year at least,

Man it feels good to just be fucking laying here, and not in the cotton field not getting whipped to do a repetitive task. Not gonna lie I’ve been drawing lately while I  should have been picking mastas cotton, hell I redrafted that image while there HAAAA *Jadakiss laugh.

Speaking of that image is an invite for my bday party tomorrow. The actual invite has Sega font on it, excitement doesn’t begin to describe the way I feel when I found that font.The goal is to  get schwifty as fuck tomorrow while rocking a portal gun….and hopefully not black out. Yeah that’s a thing, hey I actually didn’t last time I had a house party.  Look at me being a responsible adult….kinda. Am I still an adult if I’m waving around a portal gun?  Not like I can use it to exile nuggas from this time and space.

As far today goes the chill goals are gonna be tremendous. My main goals is to take a walk in the park while eating a mango.

Spoiler Alert Im serious.

And to watch some of my favorite movies. Hyper Speed Grandoll (OMG still a fave from when I was 16), Dope, and probably The Craft. Oh yeah to eat Japanese, gotta eat Japanese plus playing video games. Maybe continue playing Sonic Mania and Etta Bond like I did last night .MAN FUCK THE FLYING BATTERY ZONE that stage can suck my whole dick, veins and circles.

Huh Sorry, kinda.

Probably listen to Savage Garden, and oh shit Logic has a new CD.Time to vibe yo.

Anyway thats roughly gonna be my life today, hopefully ill see some friends in the process while having my hair  out in full force.  I’m hoping Ill check Spotify at some point  and see Azealia Banks Fantasea 2 is released today, that would be a great bday present. YES LAWD *Anderson Pack Voice.

Alright, fuck it I’m done typing. I just woke up Im surprised I wrote this damn much. I updated my house party flyers here., minus the font of course. Don’t want y’all nuggas knowing where I live.

Wait Jano, How old are you?

Magic Nigga,Magic and weird as fuck.