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Dear Friends of Jano,

Spoiler Alert, detoxing is a major goal right now.

But Jano why?

Because I just came back from NYC and man I deviated so much my diet.


Dudes I’m drinking Green Tea and Hibiscus as I speak. I need to shit all of these delicious NYC toxins out of my system. Aside from that it was a fun trip, side note it was the first time I was ever on a plane.


But Jano you have never flown before?

Nope, everywhere I have traveled has been via wheels on the Earth. Terror and finances are a thing.

Heavily a thing.

It was fun tho. It was nice to be not on my phone so much also. If I had a fear of public transportation prior to last week, it def has been dispelled over the course of the last few days. Subways, planes and ferries oh my.

Side note, subway heat and bum piss are a horrible combination, just saying.

Also rats and STUFF junkies. Holy fuck that was terrifying at 4 am on the way to the airport to return home.

But I was inspired artistically which is important, and definitely want to do some shoots up there. NYC is nice to visit but I don’t think I would want to live up there. Maybe just to do art related business but that is it.

Personal Life Tangent over.

Now back to my art journey and me talking shit, because that’s what we are here for right? Exactly.

We are about to step into the first shoot I did of 2021. The sequel to 2020 because covid fuckery is still abound and I’ve had a plethora of problems with my car.

Here is hoping I get it back this week and there are no more issues for the rest of this year.


Before we press play lets rewind to fall 2018 when I arrived at cotton field 10. The place I thought I would be able to stay at, get actual raises, and work on my book.

HA, I was foolish indeed.

So fuckin’ foolish.

As if.

When I started as usual I didn’t talk to anyone, however I would observe and make note of people. There was a girl who I would see in another department and at some point she didn’t work there anymore. Not a big deal to me since your life has nothing to do with stranger person.

Until life goes, hey do you remember them? They need a photographer.

Ummm sure. …ok.

At some point in January, my girlfriend told me that she was friends with aforementioned girl. She showed me a picture of her and I was like oh I remember her. Some how some way I was tasked with being the photographer for her baby shower in March. I say some how some way because I don’t remember who contacted who, just her and I were communicating about needing a photographer for her baby shower.

We chatted over Facebook and she let me know the date, time and I let her know my rates.

Spoiler Alert, this is another non conflictual issue. It is. Honestly the next few are going to be lacking of me talking shit about the subjects involved in the shoots.

Legit just realized it is the shoots that I try to do that mostly have the conflictual issues.

Well thats disappointing in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway March came and so did the Saturday of the event. The event was actually at a church across the street from an elementary school I use to go to from 1993-1995….Holy Fuck the concept of time….FUCK.

When we arrived the family of the parents to be were decorating, and I got the usual shots of decorations.

At some point the mother to be arrived and the festivities begun….which I don’t really remember. Clearly I took images of the event but I really disassociate from event when I shoot them.

Spoiler Alert.

I don’t attach myself to what is going on. I primarily shoot the subject of interest and whatever is going on at the time, but I don’t get involved with what is happening. Kinda like The Watcher from Marvel, or Kami.

Niggas just be looking with observing fucking eyes.

I sound callous but events have no value to me after doing so many. My only concern is getting the moments shot right especially I am getting paid.


The Baby Shower lasted at least 2 hrs. When it was all said and done she Cash App’d me the amount, we talked briefly, and her and my girlfriend talked then we left.

Told ya this is a real simple issue, and here are the images for said issue.

Anyway folks thats all. Time to go back to doing a litany of task to achieve my art dreams while balancing cottonfields and the exhaustion they cause.