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Dear Friends of Jano,

I feel like this is a new concept to me again since I didn’t do this for the bulk of the tragic year of 2020…..which has spilled over to 2021. Spoiler Alert, it looks like coronavirus is gonna be sticking around for a while. UGH.

So bothersome, all of it.

Almost as much as me fucking up my back AGAIN at Cotton field 6.5. So here I lay typing another issues of Jano’s Bizarre Art Adventure with a sharp pain in my side. I can’t Yeet to this shit, I can’t.

This issue is actually less problematic and dramatic than the bulk of the issues I’ve written. On Kami.

*Hits Rewind button.

It was the trying times of 20 fucking 20. Coronavirus was running rampant, much like racism. The only difference is Corona don’t give a fuck your skin complexion nor beliefs. All it wanted was to fuck your life up and stop you from living your best life.

Side note, I’m really trying to speak in past tense, but the shit is still happening. Ugh as if.

Corona is the true definition of cancel culture, because that is exactly what the fuck it did. Concerts, cons, gatherings, school, jobs, fun functions, etc.

Graduations are included in the etc, in case you didn’t realize.

If I was graduating last year I would have been upset more so by this. Imagine your senior year finally arrives and all the things you had been excited about for the past 3 years because halted for safety concerns. Even though I legit didn’t care about any of that 19 years ago, I can empathize for those whose adolescent hearts desires were ripped a sunder.


Thats it for the preface for anyone new to life or for anyone who reads this from a decade from now.

As I mentioned last issue, my ancestors told me not to go back to the cotton field when it was mandated that we return since the stay at home order was no longer in effect. However, my girlfriend stayed and at some point she told me that a coworker wanted to pay for a cap and gown graduation shoot.

Sure, I’ll do it.

Her and I made contact with each other and made arrangements to do the shoot. We chose Freedom Park on a Friday after. A hot, blazing, torch filled afternoon in June.

FUCK. *Witchers voice.

She arrived with her mother, who I haven’t seen since ummmmmm March. We chatted for a little bit and then her and her daughter started to traverse in the park. At first she seemed nervous but as time went on she got comfortable. She was hesitant to smile hard for some reason, I told her that she is allowed to smile as hard as she wants and not to think about how anyone would perceive her.

Translation, fuck what people think.

Side note, I literally was the only who was sweating like a slave in the fields. How she wasn’t in a cap and gown is beyond me.

Nigger heat is real bro. Real and fucking oppressive as fuck. SHIT.

We were out there for at least an hour, I think. We made our way back to the parking lot where her mother paid me and we said our goodbyes.

And thats it.

Told ya this wasn’t a dramatic issue, at all. Honestly the most dramatic part of the whole day was after the shoot. I was going to give photography lessons to a friend who helped me out with a shoot at the same park. While I was waiting for her to arrive I sat on a bench under a web of trees the song Strange Fruit By Billie Holiday was playing in my head.

But Jano why?

Because at some point last summer, random black bodies were found hanging from trees.

Yea. Class can you say Jano was Shook? Because I fucking was.



Chills went through my body as I think about it.


Anyway to see the image from that blazeful, blistering, sweaty day click here.

Thats it for me. I dead ass have an urger to BattleToads and Double Dragon on Sega Genesis right now. Which I think I’m gonna do. I’m pretty sure I won’t get far, but whatever.

Side note, I have 3 episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation left and I’m kinda sad about it. Yea there is still the movies that relate to that saga but still, my childhood man.

Ok issue over.